Teachers deliver graduation signs to seniors


Lucy Scheible

AP English 12 teacher Jessica Scheible prepares to deliver first set of graduation signs to participating seniors on April 21.

Some sixty seniors received their purchased graduation signs by personal delivery this year. There’s more to come.

Due to the cancellation of school, seniors were unable to pick up their signs to display in their yards signifying their upcoming graduation.

Nine teachers, including Andrea Stover, Alexis Jones, Jessica Scheible, Katie Anderson, Kristi Bayer, Rebecca Strohm, Darcy Pohl, Gary Felch, John Kelly, and Jake Saunders, took matters into their own hands through making rounds to students’ homes to deliver signs in person while still maintaining a distance of six feet. 

“It was theThe highlight of my continuous learning experience so far. Everything went great,” said Saunders.

These teachers, those who teach seniors, wanted to give students back a piece of what was stolen from their senior experience due to COVID-19.

“I teach all seniors and have for 26 years, and I have just been so sad for what they’ve lost,” said Stover, government teacher.

Stover said they could not have done it without Nancy Kilmartin, who helped organize the spreadsheets that shared information regarding senior teachers and addresses, etc.

The first day of deliveries was April 21 and they hope to continue throughout the spring as signs come in.

“The yard signs were a welcome relief from the monotony of the new quarantine schedule, for both me and my brother Stephen,” said senior Maren Kelley. “Although Stephen wasn’t there to see it, it was fantastic to see my amazing teachers and celebrate our graduation in the temporary absence of an official ceremony.”