PTSA, OLHS purchases signs for seniors


Bridgett King

Senior Meredith King stands out in front of her yard with her graduation sign that was delivered on April 30 by teachers Gary Felch and John Kelley.

PTSA and Ocean Lakes decided to purchase graduation yard signs for all seniors.  Students could get a personalized sign for $11 by May 8.

According to Principal Claire LeBlanc, anyone that previously ordered a sign for $25 will receive instructions on securing a partial refund.

After the May deadline, the PTSA will order signs for all other seniors with “congratulations” in place of the student’s name on the sign.

Previously ordered signs were delivered by senior teachers last month. With an increase in the number of signs, the distribution system may be altered to accommodate the volume.

“Every senior will get a sign. We are allowing time for parents to [personalize] their child’s sign for $11. That window will close at the end of the week. We will then order a sign for everyone,” said Leblanc.

The order form and more information regarding the signs is available on the Ocean Lakes PTSA website.

“A very special thank you to OLHS PTA for all of their hard work volunteering their precious time, along with absolutely amazing teachers to coordinate the delivery of beautiful 2020 senior graduation announcement signs,” said Bridgett King, mother of senior Meredith King.

PTA parent Missy Dunaway announced May 11 that all seniors should get ready for a sign delivery.

“We got a total of 300 signs ordered!” said Dunaway. “There will be about 150 to deliver with names, then about 200 with  ‘congratulations’ to the rest of the class.”