AP psychology teacher to join her alma mater


Katie Anderson

Carlin Conaway hugs the son of English teacher, Katie Anderson. Lane Anderson is dressed up as a dolphin for the 2019 Fall Fest.

Abigail Hicks, News Editor

After eight years as a dolphin, AP Psychology teacher Carlin Conaway will join the Kempsville High School Chiefs as their new Student Activities Coordinator.

Conaway not only excelled as a teacher, recognized as last year’s 2020 Teacher of the Year, but she also committed herself to student life as the assistant student activities coordinator, leading many favorite extra curriculars, such as advising the annual Leadership Workshop.

As a high school student, she attended Kempsville High School and had the dream of becoming a Student Activities Coordinator, particularly for her alma mater.

“To be able to give back and serve the school that provided me with a tremendous education in and out of the classroom is the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Conaway.

While the Ocean Lakes community will miss her in the building, many wish her well as she heads to Kempsville.

“Even though I am selfishly sad to see her go, I will look forward to following her career as she continues to do great work for VBCPS,” said Principal Dr. Claire LeBlanc.