Netflix series speaks about life, death, everything in between


Sequoia Wilcox

“The Midnight Gospel” shares clever animation in this Netflix series about Clancey’s philosophical spacecasts with residents of other planets.

Sequoia Wilcox, Staff Writer

“The Midnight Gospel,” a new show out on Netflix, takes real-life interviews from comedian Duncan Trussell’s podcast, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and uses animation and humor to bring the conversations to life.

The series follows video podcaster (spacecaster), Clancey Gilroy, as he travels to other worlds using his multiverse simulator. On these apocalyptic planets, Clancey interviews residents for his spacecast.

“There’s something in the podcast interview style that produces this intimacy. It’s one of the reasons that people love them,” said podcaster and creator of “The Midnight Gospel,” Duncan Trussell. “If you’re a celebrity, you’re limited to six minutes on a late-night show, so how do you get to know them? [The podcast setting] produces this moment that people really connect to.”

Deep and meaningful themes such as forgiveness, the life cycle, spiritualism, and various others are discussed in the series. These narratives are therapeutic and remain in one’s head in a wondrous way. Each episode encourages viewers to ponder the nature of existence.

The web series becomes more personal as the episodes progress. In the beginning, Clancey is more comical in his interviews, but further in, he mentions his own experiences, some of which can be alarming or worrisome, but allows watchers to grasp his personality. Overall, viewers find themselves in a more profound connection with the spacecaster.

Each episode introduces new scenery with an array of unique landscapes. The psychedelic visuals and diverse color palettes draw in the audience’s attention giving the show its own distinctive feel.

“The Midnight Gospel” received immensely positive reception and praise for its animation, visuals, and the usage of profound subjects. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show earned itself a 90 percent freshness rating within weeks of its release