Clubs look towards the new year


Jondre Macaraeg

Senior Jondre Macaraeg snaps a picture during an NHS meeting via Zoom.

Club leaders look to prepare for the upcoming school year amid the extended school shut-down.

“Operation Smile has had some social media campaigns through headquarters, but it has mostly been transfer of power,” said senior Jondre Macaraeg, co-president of OP Smile and executive board member of the A Capella Club. ”We actually already had this figured out before quarantine for Operation Smile and A Cappella Club, so we got lucky.”

These clubs, along with other Ocean Lakes clubs such as Mu Alpha Theta, are looking towards getting ready for next year, so they can start promptly and effectively with the “hopeful” return to school.

“We’ve been able to hold a virtual election to elect our officers for next year,” said Ryoma Harris, president of Mu Alpha Theta. “We had candidates submit a short video, then had members vote through a Google Form. I’m hoping to get the new officers together so that we can plan ahead for next year and have a smoother transition.”

As for preparation in case of closure next year, Jondre adds that OP Smile will continue different campaigns on social media to spread the word. 

“For OP Smile it’s whatever the regional council decides we should do,” said Jondre. “In the case that there’s gonna be more closure through next school year, all of the former officers will still be resources, and we’ll help if they need it.”