Students pursue new adventures while quarantined

Kate Thoele with her niece Charlie picking strawberries on April 25.

Due to quarantine, some students chose to get active and expand their talents in their newly found free time.

“I’ve been experimenting with hydro dipping,” said sophomore Michael Gaffrey. “Hydro dipping is when you have paint on the surface of a bucket of water and you dip shoes, a game controller, anything you want into it to design it however you want.”

Along with hydro dipping, Michael practices skating, flipping, or just hanging out with friends in his neighborhood.

“Throughout the quarantine, I’ve been spending a lot of time with family, and focusing on living more in the present,” said senior Kate Thoele. “We took this opportunity to go strawberry picking as a family.” 

Kate also works as a lifeguard at the beach.

“I have been working on making raps over the quarantine. I made one recently for my teacher,” said junior Bryce Mullinax. “Also I have been working at a golf course to make money.” 

Bryce recently came off of an injury, a broken collar bone. He has since recovered and has started to run again every day. 

“I have started to go exploring around my neighborhood,” said junior Preston Brady. “ I found a lake near my house that I have been fishing and swimming in.”  

Preston also hangs out with his twin brother more.

“Quarantine forced me and my brother to be in close quarters more, and it has brought us much closer than we were before,” said Preston.

Michael’s final result of one project he recently finished taken on May 22. (Michael Gaffrey )