Student work hours directly affected by pandemic


Abby Reinsmith

Reminder to follow social distancing rules in Starbucks.

Amid school closures and stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some students started to work extra hours at jobs in the community, but others have lost their jobs completely.

“I actually have been working a lot more. My hours have almost doubled because of the need for workers,” said senior John Dagan.

Although some students gained more hours, others lost jobs and became forced to find work elsewhere. 

“They took me off of the schedule, throwing me into unemployment and a job search. It was definitely a shock considering I was one of their best workers, and I was about to reach my one-year anniversary of working with them,” said junior Kaitlyn Armitage.

Many local employers are understaffed, however, especially in restaurants, because of the demand for carry out. With a new phase initiated by the governor, starting last week and this week, restaurants are filling up and need more staff. 

Not only have restaurants seen an increase in business, but stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot have had an increase in customers. 

 “Our sales are at all-time highs because of people coming to do things around their homes,” said John. 

Along with schedule changes, and adjusting to city restrictions, including social distancing with customers, many work over the phone or stand behind barriers to take precaution. avoiding face-to-face contact with customers.

“Since Corona, [Pungo Pizza staff] has allowed no customers inside the restaurant; we went to delivery and drive-through only,” said Caroline.