Rest in peace class of 2020

Pandemic revokes senior experiences


COVID-19 revoked 2020 prom, graduation, and senior night. The pandemic put states on lockdown and forced schools to continue learning online and forced schools to come up with new ways to celebrate the class of 2020.

“We are planning on having a big month-long celebration and ask our community to join us in thanking and celebrating our seniors for all of their hard work and everything they have done to make our school system the great school system it is, and everything they have done to have patience during this unprecedented moment in their history,” said Superintendent Aaron Spence.

With over five thousand seniors graduating this year, the schools want to celebrate each and every one of them. Superintendent Aaron Spence confirmed via email and video that schools are not canceling graduation, but instead they will have individual ceremonies for seniors and their families to give seniors a chance to walk across the stage and receive their diplomas in-person. These ceremonies will be held from June 17 to 20 with no more than 10 attendees per each student, and all social distancing protocols must be followed. 

“I wasn’t even sure I was going to prom, but the idea that it wasn’t my choice anymore made me sad,” said senior Emma Gorman. 

Some seniors are saddened by the fact that they will not get to have a prom; however other seniors decided to save the money that would have been spent on the prom. 

“I don’t mind not having a prom; I’m saving the money from prom now,” said senior Hanna Wetzel.  

Seniors all have their own opinions about how their senior chapter closed, but the administration continues to work hard on a plan that will satisfy the senior population. 

“I want especially to thank our graduates for their patience as they waited for us to develop a plan that we felt would adequately celebrate them,” said Spence.