New ways to show pride as LGBT celebrates 50th anniversary

Pride month in quarantine



Rainbow made out of balloons to show pride for June.

All pride celebrations were canceled or postponed as a result of COVID-19. However, according to LBGT+, their pride will not be silenced.

The LGBT+ community has decided to host pride celebrations online via Facebook live or zoom calls. 

“I think it’s definitely important to keep pride happening because it really isn’t just an event; it’s an observation of our community too. Canceling it would be way too reductive of what it means in the first place,” said Allison O’Dell, senior and LGBT+ member.  

June will be jam-packed with online celebrations depending on one’s location. Pride media will join Pride Live for Stonewall Day to raise funds for LGBTQ+ organizations most affected by the pandemic on June 26.  Global Pride will hold the largest virtual festival on June 27. 

Holding celebrations online works because so many LGBT+ youths use social media as a safe space. Not all LGBT+ members have accepting families, so they turn to their virtual families of the LGBT+ community. 

“I think that continuing some forms of online pride even with a return to normal can be beneficial for people who aren’t out or cannot go to pride for other reasons,” said O’Dell.