New 4×4 plan approaches virtual learning at a fast pace


Quote from Principal Claire LeBlanc’s parent and student newsletter.

Students take only half their classes at a time due to the new 4×4 schedule for the academic year. This plan for virtual learning entails a four block day of semester long courses. In the second semester, those year-long classes conclude and students change to four new classes.

The adoption of this schedule intends to make it easier for students to balance their workload due to the reduction from the usual eight classes to four.

“You will be responsible for only up to four classes at a time instead of eight,” says counselor Stephanie Smith-Durkin. “The limited number of classes is more likely to cause less distribution as well as fewer tests, quizzes, and homework to complete.”

Students now see their teachers everyday, which allows them to build stronger relationships with each other.

“There are many advantages to students seeing their teachers everyday versus every other day,” says counselor Sara White.

Due to social distancing requirements, students having fewer classes per term lessens the potential of students mixing once they go back to face to face instruction. As for now, this schedule aims to make virtual learning manageable while being separate from their peers.

“I think this is extremely important this year as we begin the year off in a virtual setting,” says Sara White.