Back to school information announced on Ocean Lakes website


Ocean Lakes block schedule for the 2020-2021 school year

As the first day of school approaches, students could and should reference a tab on the Ocean Lakes website; it provides information on tools needed for the upcoming school year and first day expectations. The link can be found in the announcement banner at the top of the website. 

“The first day of school information on the website is helpful, so I would definitely advise opening the link that takes you to the virtual binder,” said counselor Joanna Buonviri.

The virtual day schedule, starting Sept. 8, is featured on the site, as well as a guide to parent portal, an introductory video for new students, and a general guide for first day of school information, such as internet assistance, video conferencing tips, and student schedule layouts.

Counselors gave additional advice including checking course expectations prior to the first day, designating a spot for virtual work other than a bedroom, and engaging with teachers every day of the week.

“Do not be afraid to contact your teachers and counselors; we want to hear from you and [see] you,” said Buonviri.

 Signs displaying the qr code leading to the website were posted around the Ocean Lakes area and throughout the drive-up new student orientation on Aug 31. Other important information remains available in Dr. LeBlanc’s newsletter and in Schoology for individual classes. 

With the return to face to face instruction dependent on COVID-19 metrics, students will remain virtual indefinitely, and these tips could remain relevant well into the school year.

“My hope is that virtual learning will be just as engaging and motivating as in-person,” said senior Lily Heck. “However, I believe it’s important that we all try and keep an open mind, stay focused, remember our goals, and stay as positive as we possibly can.”