Virtual schedule adapts as students transition to new phase of instruction, starting Sept. 22


Ocean Lakes 2020-2021 virtual and face to face schedule effective Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020

Virginia Beach high schools will revert back to their normal schedules for the remainder of the school year. 

Since Sept. 8, high schools began class at 8:30 a.m, but as of Sept. 22, most will begin virtual class at 7:20 a.m. 

The reason we need to be earlier is for bus transportation,” said assistant principal Leah Nelson.

All schools will return to last year’s schedule in order to accommodate bus transportation needs and because select students will be reporting to their respective home school buildings on Sept. 22.  Many educators will serve as both virtual and face-to-face instructors as the transition begins to bring students back into schools. 

“Tuesday through Friday will continue to be instructional days, with Mondays serving as asynchronous learning time,” reported VBCPS.