Teacher receives donation from football alumnus


Carol Seacrist

Photo that was taken from Derrick Nnadi’s Twitter shows Mrs. Seacrist and Derrick Nnadi posing in the main foyer at Ocean Lakes.

Kylee McLaughlin, Features Editor

Literacy teacher Carol Seacrist was gifted $1,000 from Derrick Nnadi, alumnus and NFL player, for school materials in honor of the College Football Playoff Foundation’s annual “Extra Yard for Teachers Week.” Nnadi’s representative called Seacrist to share the news.

“On behalf of the College Football Playoff Foundation, the NFL Foundation, and Derrick Nnadi, we would like to present to you a $1,000 Donors Choose Gift Card that you can use towards school resources that you and your students need,” said Nnadi’s marketing representative.

Nnadi posted on Twitter to thank the College Football Playoff Foundation and the NFL Foundation for their contributions towards the donation.

“Thank you for helping me celebrate my favorite teacher, Mrs. Seacrist,” said Nnadi. “[I’m] stoked to be able to present to her $1,000 for all of her school needs.”

Seacrist plans to put the donation money towards team building activities and materials for a community service project.

“We started a new program this year at OL for about 80 freshmen called the CREW (Collaborators Ready to Engage the World), and we have many activities planned for them but weren’t sure where we would get the funding; then I got the call,” said Seacrist.

Nnadi made the donation to show his appreciation for Seacrist’s support and encouragement during his time as a student at Ocean Lakes.

“I truly looked forward to her class and it was a highlight in my high school career,” said Nnadi.

Seacrist expressed her gratitude for all of the new opportunities made possible by the donation.

“[I feel] blessed,” said Seacrist, “Thank you Derrick Nnadi!”