A Moment of Unity

NFL players take moment of silence before kickoff


Infographic created by Matt Seaman

The NFL is in full support of the Black Lives Matter. movement against police brutality

With the new NFL season officially underway, some players and coaches have decided to take a moment of silence for unity after the playing of the national anthem. This was introduced by the Chiefs and Texans in the season opener and other teams soon followed. 

“We can all learn from this and really it’s just to make us all better and a stronger country than we already were,” said Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, the NFL announced a new campaign named, “It Takes All of Us,” created to unite the country during critical times. This campaign was demonstrated on opening night with a battle between the Chiefs and Texans, but the real battle was written on each end zone: END RACISM. Players from both teams linked arms for a unified moment of silence at midfield. Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson served as captains for each team and locked arms together where the teams met.

“A moment of silence after the national anthem for unity is covered under the First Amendment. The playing of Lift Every Voice, as well as the national anthem, in my opinion, benefits the movement against police brutality,” said guidance counselor Bryan Everett. “I strongly believe both songs bring forth unity for all people. We will never truly be America if we are not unified as a human race.”

All across the league, scoreboards displayed messages about this movement including “We support equality,” “We must end racism,” “We believe in justice for all,” “We believe Black Lives Matter,” “We must end police brutality,” “We choose unconditional love,” and “It takes all of us.” During pre-game warm-ups, the Pittsburgh Steelers came out with a banner that stated, “Steelers Against Racism.” Some teams including the Packers, Eagles, Jaguars, Bills, Jets, and Dolphins elected to stay in the locker room during the national anthem but stepped out for the moment of silence.

“I believe everyone has the right to their own point of view, from time to time you need to learn to respect others, just do not come off as a rude person for what you support,” said senior John Jarvis. “Some people need to understand what’s going on and need to change. It is not fair to some people and some people do not get that. Change needs to happen and needs to happen soon.”