Harry Potter and the magical candles


“Mahogany Apple” and “Autumn Woods” are just two of the hit candles surfacing at Bath and Body Works said to smell like characters from the popular franchise, Harry Potter. Recently, the craze for this magical series has made a comeback, causing these sets of candles to sell out. People on social media apps, such as TikTok, claim that specific candles sold at the store smell just like the main Harry Potter characters.

While it is not possible to know exactly what the characters in Harry Potter smell like, many just use a combination of their imagination and descriptions they have read in the Harry Potter books. 

Although none of these candles are labeled as a Harry Potter collection, fans of the series have grouped them as a part of the franchise which resulted in empty shelves in the store and a sold-out placement on the website.

Other candles from this collection include “Sweater Weather,” “Autumn,” and “Fresh Balsam.” “Mahogany Apple,” the most popular of the candles,  is said to smell like Draco Malfoy with hints of apple and men’s cologne. 

“I don’t smell apple but it’s like a good cologne; it’s just a strong smell but I really love it,” said junior Gianna Brown.

According to those on social media, “Sweater Weather” smells like Cedric Diggory, “Autumn” like Ron Weasley, and “Autumn Woods” like Harry Potter, the biggest character of the billion-dollar franchise. 

These candles are just one of the many trends included in the Wizarding World comeback, so run to Bath and Bodyworks and get one soon.

“I’m a new Harry Potter fan and when I found out there was a trend about a candle scent for one of my favorite characters I had to get it,” said junior Akira Louis-Jeune.