Her body, her choice

Planned parenthood ban threatens womens’ safety


Cartoon of Trump resembling caricature talking over a visually pregnant woman, by Alexia Fenner.

Alexia Fenner, Co-copy Editor, Webmaster

Men cannot dictate the reproductive rights of women; it is not their body to begin with. However, President Trump’s male-dominant administration attempts to terminate organizations that provide abortions with the removal of funding provided by government health programs. Well-renowned Planned Parenthood provides not only abortions but also services for low-income areas: sexual and reproductive treatments, primary care, and education. The ban effectively hurts the working class and countless women who receive accessible contraceptives and services. Many, if not most women utilize Planned Parenthood for birth control, cervical cancer treatment, and regular checkups yet are still berated by anti-abortion protesters who camp outside clinics.

The Pro-life movement, the spiteful rebuttal towards Pro-choice, primarily follows Christian and conservative ideologies. Morality weighs heavy because their belief entails that life begins at conception; essentially, abortion would be the epitome of murder as it kills an organism, the fetus, before it lived. While not yet a developed human, pro-lifers insist women not discard embryos so easily.

In secular arguments, people declare pregnancy conditions influence abortion decisions. Primarily, conception circumstances, like incest or rape, and deterrents like health deficiencies or low income.

Even with the removal of lawful abortions, nothing will change: women will resort to illegal methods. According to Olga Khazan from The Atlantic, 45 percent of worldwide abortions are still performed in unsafe circumstances, so laws restrict desperate women and put them in danger with unlicensed doctors and perilous methods. Obviously, countries that outlaw abortions risk dangerous alternatives in places like Brazil, El Salvador, and the U.S. before the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortions nationwide. Curtailment by the hands of men resulted in countless deaths of young and minority women unable to receive treatment. History tends to repeat itself, so women need to stop its cycle. Attend protests, write to local government holders, and sign official government petitions, as opposed to the ones on change.org. Those actions speak against the oppression of reproductive rights.