Gen Z trumps Trump

Recent teen polls point to a win for Biden in Election 2020


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Ashten Asimos, Staff Writer

Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump go head-to-head this November in the 2020 election. Though neither candidate proved a fan favorite for Gen Z, most teenagers 18 or older will vote left in order to, in their minds, save crippled America.

Trump has always been a controversial figure. Entirely Republican, Trump’s conservative views on healthcare, immigration laws, gun laws, and most recently, his carelessness with the COVID-19 pandemic and the allowance of police brutality, have made him many young enemies. 

Social media platforms, with younger audiences such as Tiktok and Instagram, host multiple influencers with radical left ideals. Media has left a giant imprint on the rising generation; many children and teens, even if uneducated on politics, claim to be a Democrat.

Certain topics such as equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, accessible birth control and abortions, a counteract against global-warming, and many other progressive views lay near and dear in many young people’s hearts. Trump currently attempts to pass acts to limit birth control usage and deny women abortions, completely ignoring the younger generation’s opinions.

Though Joe Biden was not many Democrats’ first choice, they will settle in order to remove Trump. In a local, late September Instagram story poll, results showed that out of 300 teenagers, 66 percent would vote for Biden and 34 percent for Trump.