COVID-19 interferes with preseason conditioning for winter athletes


Nate Bushey

Wrestling team meets on tennis courts this fall and practices social distancing during conditioning.

Winter athletes are excited to start preseason conditioning with their teams to get ready for their winter seasons; however, it will not look like last year.

Along with the other winter sports, girls basketball and wrestling have started back at the gym. 

According to sophomore Nate Bushey, “COVID has really changed the conditioning game, especially for wrestling.”

Wrestling is a close up sport, but now because of the regulations due to the virus, all wrestlers must be 10 feet apart, wearing masks, and cannot go inside the building. 

“I do love this sport and am excited to condition with the team, but wrestling practice without actual wrestling doesn’t feel right,” said Nate. 

“It has been very hard not having the boys on a regular basis. We have a well-rounded team, and the wrestlers always seem to work hard together,” said wrestling coach Chris Barnhart. 

The girls basketball team has had to adjust to the new normal. They are no longer allowed on the basketball courts and have to do their workouts on the track. The team has to split up into two groups and maintain social distancing. 

“It would be easier if we did not have to follow so many rules,” said sophomore Bella Curtin. 

Now that students are allowed to meet at the school in groups under 10, if maintaining social distance and wearing masks, what will this mean for athletes?

“We plan on being in the weight room and mat room as soon as we get approval. Hopefully by next month,” said Barnhart.