Parents concerned about social needs during virtual learning


Tasha Hurst

Teachers walk empty halls at the start of this year’s school year.

Many parents of students in Virginia are worried about the lack of social interaction their kids receive due to online school. There are many students and teachers who love this new norm, as some would call it, but others borderline hate this way of teaching.

Ocean Lakes has been significantly impacted. The whole school has a new 4×4 schedule, meaning that students only have four classes a semester and the other four the next, instead of the A/B school days.

“I’m not a fan of this at all, I need the social interaction,” said sophomore George Tueful.

Most people need at least some type of social interaction and kids rely on school for this.

“As a parent, I understand why things are the way they are,” said parent, Jessica Millirons. “Kids are missing out on important social interactions that are eventually going to affect their way of learning”

While students, teachers, and parents long for that social interaction, the seriousness of COVID-19 and the online learning situation is understood.

“I like that the kids are learning from home due to the coronavirus, the people in my household are very vulnerable to this sickness,” said Debbie Green, the guardian of a student at Corporate Landing Middle School.

The pandemic continues to cause arguments between the two sides, but once a vaccine develops or cases drop significantly, schools are planning to reopen.

“I personally like how we are on a daily schedule for school, it is the closest we could get to an actual school day,” said George.