Bling on a budget

Juniors order class rings for cheaper price



Display case at Walmart shows the different design options available for rings.

Kylee McLaughlin, Features Editor

For those who want a class ring, but are in search of more pocket-friendly options, many stores offer customizable rings for a fraction of the cost.

Rings and other Ocean Lakes class jewelry on Josten’s catalog range from $269 to $498, while jewelry from other sources can cost less than $100.

“I thought about getting a ring from Jostens, but they are so expensive,” said junior Reilly Laroche.

Another benefit is the diverse selection of jewelry to choose from.

“I recommend looking for places other than Jostens,” said junior Isabelle Westlake. “I found a lot more options as far as ring style, stones, and metals than what Jostens offered, and they were a lower price.”

Students who order their rings from a different source can still participate in the Ring Ceremony; all they need to do is notify their class sponsor.

“The Ring Ceremony is open to all students regardless of where they purchased their ring,” said student activities coordinator John Williams. “Students would have to contact their class sponsor to let them know that they would like to participate in the ceremony and then bring their ring to school the day of the ceremony.”

It is not yet confirmed whether there will be a ring ceremony this year, but if there is, then it will most likely take place during Founders Week.

“We always hold our ring ceremony during Founders Week,” said Williams. “This year Founders Week is scheduled for the week of Feb. 8-12, 2021. However, we have to wait and see if it will be possible to have our celebration this year.”

There is still plenty of time for students to get their rings from other places if they were not able to order their rings from Jostens in time.

“I looked at Kay’s, Walmart, Etsy, and other online websites,” said Isabelle. “I could find a ring that I really liked instead of settling for one that Jostens offered, and the prices were more reasonable.”