A very, Netflix Christmas

New films and more on Netflix to get into the holiday spirit


Gabby Moye, Entertainment Editor

Christmas is on the rise, and it always tends to get people into a happier spirit. Christmas movies, a Netflix specialty, creates a cheery atmosphere for the season. 

From sentimental to family-oriented, Netflix has all the right movies to celebrate Christmas.

Just in time for the holiday, the streaming service has released a couple new originals. Operation Christmas Drop, tells the story of unlikely love found during a Christmas tradition. It stars Kat Graham, most known for her performance in The Vampire Diaries. Another new addition is Holidate, also a love story that is currently ranked number 2 in Netflix’s Top 10 Today.

For those who lean towards the sentimental, romantic side of Christmas; movies such as The Knight Before Christmas, Christmas Wedding Planner, A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish, and Holiday Rush are all ones sure to give that heartfelt feel.

For those who like more classic family movies, Netflix’s got that covered too. Movies like Klaus, Christmas Break-In, both How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Dr.Seuss’ The Grinch, and The Christmas Chronicles are all great movies to watch together with family or friends.

While many still feel down due to everything hectic surrounding COVID-19, a bit of holiday fun is just what’s needed at the moment. Make sure to go out and watch these films and the many others Netflix has to offer, to have a festive and fun Christmas.