Virginia Beach indoor athletic facility to open soon


Robbie Scornavacchi

Photo of Virginia Beach Sports Center taken on October 19th, 2020 i

Robbie Scornavacchi, Staff Writer

The new Virginia Beach Sports Center will open this November and will include a new indoor track, 12 basketball, and 24 volleyball courts, making it one of the largest facilities in Virginia.

The 68 million dollar facility sits less than one mile from big hotels along the oceanfront that can hold up to 11,000 people or competitors.

“What makes this new track special is that everyone wants to compete on it and it’s banked,” said senior Glenn Skinner. “Also, now that the new track is closer, my family and friends will come more often because we won’t have to go to Hampton every meet.”

The track holds many opportunities for events at the size of 70,500 square feet; it can hold up to 5,000 people in the stands. Underneath the stands, there is a practice track on one side and a locker room area on the other side. The track will be the only indoor track in the southeastern part of Virginia to banked. Banked tracks are slightly tilted on the turns and are only found in indoor tracks. This usually offers runners more opportunities to achieve personal best times; this year the indoor track will also hold VHSL 5A and 6A state meets. 

“I think that the new sports center opening up is a huge deal for basketball players because it gives us another site to put work in and play games,” said senior Faith Spangler.

With a large number of basketball and volleyball courts, this court area also offers 9 field hockey courts and 40 wrestling mats.

Between the track and courts, a huge concession stands area allows 400 people to be seated while a mezzanine-level dining area allows people to see both the track and courts from either side on the second floor.

“I’m super excited about the new facility because it will be one of the best in the state,” said junior Austen Heft. “It will give an opportunity for many athletes to prove themselves that they are some of the best in the state.”