Among Us revival

Mafia remodel sparks conversation


Red imposter looms over purple crewmate fiddling with wires. Created by Alexia Fenner.

Alexia Fenner, Copy Editor

Thanks to platforms Twitch and YouTube, InnerSloth’s Among Us (2018) spiked in popularity.

PewDiePie, Corpse Husband, and other content creators stream the game for millions on either a PC or their mobile devices.

“I actually found it through the Henry Stickman franchise because of the Among Us reference hidden in it,” said senior Dante Baroody.

In the space centric game, up to 10 players control astronauts that complete several tasks on their ship; meanwhile, the game randomly assigns up to three imposters, aliens disguised as crewmates, that try to take over. They eliminate players, cause emergencies to scatter players and disable functions, and access vents to travel faster.

“Outsmarting the imposters is the most rewarding event that can happen. You just feel great when you catch the imposter on their bluff,” said senior Adin Patterson.

In this social deduction game, no one talks to ensure role anonymity but amidst the debate period, prompted by an emergency meeting or dead body report. Everyone is more than welcome to hash it out.

“It’s not [entirely] unique, but it’s the best iteration of murder mystery games…Friends are better to play with because you have a warped sense of trust knowing that one of your friends could be lying straight to your face,” said Adin.

As a creative outlet, people created mini-games within the game like hide and seek. Others have also created custom skins to make the characters look different like memorable figures Kirby, Sonic, and My Melody.

“[Inner Sloth’s] doing a good job. They added hats for Halloween, but I think they could make more colors, skins, and pets. I appreciate the upkeep, and I’m excited for what might be, but I sure am waiting on it,” said Dante.