SCA school events postponed this fall


Ashley Adams

Freshman Paige Reyes-Engstrand and Drew Chadwick sport their team jerseys for virtual spirit week on Oct. 27.

School events and dances have been indefinitely postponed until the conditions under COVID-19 become safer.

Committees continue to plan activities that follow safety guidelines in order to steer this unusual school year back on track.

“We are hopeful that we can do as many activities as possible. Some may need to be altered or offered in another way, but we are hoping to do as many as possible following the guidelines we must follow for the pandemic at the time of the event,” said coach Christine Thornton.

Events that have already passed, like homecoming, are being planned for a later date so students can still experience these memorable moments.

“Some may be canceled, and some may be moved. It’s a very unknown time, but we will remain optimistic and be ready to modify if needed, to make events happen when possible,” said Thornton. “We are hoping to have a way to offer homecoming at a later date or modify it if needed.”

Plans are in action to host events for students to keep their school spirit alive.

“The students have put in activity requests to do a canned food drive in November putting the classes against each other and a drive-in movie. We are waiting for authorization for those events,” said SCA advisor Wendy Tate.

According to Thornton, all events will follow guidelines provided by the school administration; the committees are ready to start up these activities as quickly and safely as possible.

“Our committees are currently meeting to come up with new ideas that will fit within the guidelines we are given,” said Tate.