4 years, 14 questions


Ethan Mapstone, Cooper Bishop, Allison Houpt, and Melumo Togashi

14 questions as answered by students from each class. Freshman Ethan Mpastone, Sophomore Cooper Bishop, Junior Allison Houpt, and Senior Melumo Togashi. 

1. How would you describe yourself in four words?

Ethan Mapstone: “Caring, dedicated, nice, respectful.”

Cooper Bishop: “Funny, outgoing, strong, and intelligent.”

Allison Houpt: “I would describe myself as confident, kind, optimistic, and trustworthy.”

Melumo Togashi: “Passionate, easy-going, patient, and reliable.”


2. What has kept you sane during quarantine?

Ethan Mapstone: “Football and videogames.”

Cooper Bishop: “Having to deal with other, more stressful things.”

Allison Houpt: “The only things that have kept me sane during quarantine are FaceTime and Apple Music.”

Melumo Togashi: “Netflix, zoom calls with my friend, and the occasional going out.”


3. What is your opinion on the school situation at the moment?

Ethan Mapstone: “I feel like they’re doing everything they can, but I don’t like how they’re doing things alphabetically.”

Cooper Bishop: “I think it’s dumb and they should just go back to 100% normal.”

Allison Houpt: “I don’t learn well virtually and it sucks sitting at home every day, but I know that doing so will keep everyone healthy.”

Melumo Togashi: “I think we’re making the best out of it, but I really hope we can go back soon!”


4. What’s your first memory of the school year?

Ethan Mapstone: “Mrs. Wiles taking us outside to get to know people.”

Cooper Bishop: “Eating hot Cheetos on my bed then falling asleep during Computer Programming.”

Allison Houpt: “My first memory of this school year is my first block teacher, Coach Boomer, hyping us up for the year.”

Melumo Togashi: “My first memory of the school year is the school’s WiFi going out and not having class on the first day of school.”


5. What is your favorite class?

Ethan Mapstone: “Spanish probably, because it goes by quickly and I’m only in Spanish one, so it’s kinda easy.”

Cooper Bishop: “Computer Programming.”

Allison Houpt: “My favorite class is art because I get to do something I love.”

Melumo Togashi: “My favorite class right now is AP Government since my class is really energetic, and I like my teacher.”


6. Who is your favorite music artist?

Ethan Mapstone: “Polo G.”

Cooper Bishop: “NLE Choppa.”

Allison Houpt: “My favorite music artist is Harry Styles or Wallows.”

Melumo Togashi: “So much to choose from but I’ve always liked the band RADWIMPS, who is based in Japan.”


7. Where does most of your money go?

Ethan Mapstone: “I save a lot of my money in hopes to buy my dream car at 17, but other than that, food.”

Cooper Bishop: “Shoes and food.”

Allison Houpt: “Most of my money goes towards thrift shopping or going out with my best friend.”

Melumo Togashi: “Most of my money goes to stationary and food!”


8. Compared to this time last year, are you happier or sadder?

Ethan Mapstone: “I’m not really a sad person. I make the best out of everything, but sadder just for the fact that a lot of my friends go to different schools or aren’t at school.”

Cooper Bishop: “Sadder. This year sucked.”

Allison Houpt: “Compared to this time last year I am happier.”

Melumo Togashi: “Sadder”


9. What has disappointed you the most this year?

Ethan Mapstone: “All of the Covid guidelines.”

Cooper Bishop: “Society.”

Allison Houpt: “Not being able to have my 16th birthday party disappointed me the most this year.”

Melumo Togashi: “Not being able to be in a classroom and see all my friends.”


10. What is your biggest aspiration?  

Ethan Mapstone: “Making it to the NFL.”

Cooper Bishop: “To be a household name.”

Allison Houpt: “My biggest aspiration is to find a career centered around fashion.”

Melumo Togashi: “My biggest aspiration is to travel the world.”


11. What are you most looking forward to in the next 365 days?           

Ethan Mapstone: “My freshman year of football and finishing my first year of high school.”

Cooper Bishop: “Growing, literally and figuratively.”

Allison Houpt: “In the next 365 days, I am most looking forward to buying a car.”

Melumo Togashi: “I am looking forward to being done with college applications and getting into college.”


12. What is your new year’s resolution for 2021?

Ethan Mapstone: “My resolution this year was to focus more on school and not socializing.”

Cooper Bishop: “Find a fun activity that I enjoy to do in my free time.”

Allison Houpt: “My 2021 new year’s resolution is to eat healthier and learn how to cook.”

Melumo Togashi: “My new year’s resolution is to get up early on the weekend.”


13. What is a quote that sums up your year so far?

Ethan Mapstone: “It’s not about how many times you get hit, it’s about how many hits you can take and keep moving forward.” -Sylvester Stallone

Cooper Bishop: “They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.” -Apollos Hester

Allison Houpt: “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” -Robin Williams

Melumo Togashi: “But wait, there’s more!”


14. If you could give your past self one sentence of advice, what would it be?

Ethan Mapstone: “Don’t let what people say get to you, because they can’t see how you really are.”

Cooper Bishop: “If you need help, say something; nothing good comes from thinking you’re fine when you’re not.”

Allison Houpt: “Don’t worry about what other people think, just love yourself and be kind.”

Melumo Togashi: “Start early and prioritize.”