School clubs resort to virtual routes


Nina Dao

Operation Smile Club holds first meeting of the school year over zoom.

Riley Devlin, Staff Writer

Many school clubs had to go virtual this year.

To sign up for clubs last year, students had access to teachers and meetings while in the building, but virtual learning has made it rather difficult for clubs to assemble.

 During the first week of school, a slideshow was sent out to all the students of different clubs offered; the resource provides contact information for the sponsors and the president of each club. 

“It is very easy to join the Super Smash Brothers Club; all you need to do is go to the meeting and you are automatically a member. There are no fees or commitments, and you can leave whenever you need to,” said co-founder Thomas Locke.

Due to virtual learning, most club meetings will be online. The zoom codes will be available on the clubs GroupMe, a Schoology group, or the club’s Instagram account. To stay updated, turn on notifications for club updates. 

“Our sponsor is Ms. Laroche, and the purpose of our club is to bring together people who are interested in animals and pursuing an animal-related career like zoology,” said founder Briannah Broadhurst. 

If interested in a certain club, contact the sponsor/president through their club Instagram account. 

“There are so many ways to stay involved from the comfort of your home. Join a zoom meeting, turn on your camera so it’s more interactive, and participate in the discussions. From there, you will start learning more about the club and what activities you can participate in,” said Nina Dao.