‘COVID parties’ increase cases as Thanksgiving approaches


Kalorra Smith

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Kalorra Smith, Staff Writer

Crowded ‘COVID parties’ increase cases and deaths after student hosts and attendees undermine the CDC’s and Virginia Gov. COVID-19 pandemic guidelines.

“I have seen lots of people host large, indoor, and overcrowded parties all over social media ever since lockdown began in March, and I just think it is irresponsible,” said senior Amanda Wilder.

According to the CDC, hosts should remind their guests to stay home if they have symptoms of the virus, promote social distancing in outdoor areas, wear a mask, clean hands and surfaces often, and limit the number of people who handle food. 

“No one really knows what this virus can do, so I think the responsible choice is to follow the guidelines that [Americans] have been given all along,” said Amanda.

According to the New York Times, Virginia Beach has over 10,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 100 recorded deaths.

“As long as you follow the governor’s orders as to how many people can be together at once, have proper hygiene, and hangout with people you’ve been around the whole time, it’s fine,” said sophomore Ava Baker.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued a COVID-19 update on Nov. 18, where he discouraged large parties for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

“[Party-goers] think that because they are healthy, and they will most likely survive COVID-19 if infected, then it is okay to party,” said senior Karson McHendry. “What [party-goers] do not realize is that the other people they see on a daily basis have asthma, care for their sick grandparents, or are immunocompromised, and party-goers put them at risk,” said Karson.

The CDC warns Americans to limit their travels this Thanksgiving due to the recent spike of one million reported cases in the United States. 

“The people who continue to go to parties lack regard for others,” said Karson.