2020 Election breaks multiple records


Tonya Brown

18-year old seniors Josh Brown (left) and Myles Alston (right) stop to pose for a picture after voting for the first time in this year’s election at Ocean Lakes on Nov. 30.

This year’s presidential election broke more than four records with just the popular vote alone. The projected number of votes marked a record high number of ballots casted, since 1900, in another presidential election. 

According to Business Insider, “The Elections Project said the figure for early votes is roughly twice as high as the number of early votes cast in 2016.”

A new record for early votes was set with 101 million pre-election ballots. Due to COVID-19, the option to mail-in ballots was highly promoted.

“The record being broken is showing that our generation is all about acting for the change that we wanna see,” said Myles Alston, a senior who voted for the first time in this year’s presidential election. 

However, the voting is not over yet. On Dec. 14, the electors from the electoral college will meet and cast their ballots for vice president and president, and on Jan. 6, the electoral votes will be counted. Despite all the scrutiny toward the electoral college this year, voting is said to go as planned. 

“The pandemic has shed light on what people may feel is most important in our society, such as the economy or health care, climate change, etc. And those [issues] influence people’s votes,” said sophomore Ava Baker.