Mike Alston continues team tradition for Dolphins


Jackson Ploeger

Mike Alston prepared the Dolphins for their home game against Cox on August 29, 2019.

Ocean Lakes alumni, Mike Alston, finds his stride in his third year as a football coach for the Dolphins. 

Not only did Alston succeed as a player with the school, but he holds records for most catches in a game, most yards in a half, and most yards in a game. This year, Alston became the offensive coordinator for the team.

 “I have grown tremendously; I’ve upgraded a position every year I’ve been here. My first year, I was the wide receivers’ coach, second year they promoted me to JV head coach, and my third year, I’m the varsity offensive coordinator and assistant head coach,” said Alston.

Coach Alston’s hard work and dedication pays dividends with his players; his familiarity with the program helps the team as a whole. 

“Coming from Ocean Lakes, I knew their history, and it means more to me because that’s where I’m from. Just being a graduate from Ocean Lakes separates me from other coaches,” said Alston.

As assistant coach, Alston foresees great progression for the team and hopes to continue the winning culture. His main concern is to maintain a program with strong athletes. 

“I planned on coaching football longer than I planned on teaching. Football is where my passion is and coaching is where I can see myself providing for my family in the future,” said Alston.

As head coach Joseph Jones nears the end of his coaching legacy, Alston anticipates an opportunity to further his coaching career as head coach.

“If the opportunity were to present itself, I would take what I’ve learned from Coach Jones and move forward with the program and keep the traditions alive all the way from 1994 to whenever I’m done coaching at OL,” said Alston.