America does not need another lockdown


Robbie Scornavacchi

Photo of a closed Office Depot in Redmill Commons shopping area due to COVID.

Robbie Scornavacchi, Staff Writer

As COVID cases rise, many states around the country have discussed another lockdown. However, America doesn’t need another lockdown, it would be detrimental and would cause many more Americans to lose their jobs and mental health issues around the country to rise.

Americans would lose thousands of jobs if businesses closed down again. According to the Commonwealthfund, from the months of March to June, an estimated 7.7 million people lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Small business owners took the biggest hit from the pandemic. According to Forbes, more than three-quarters of small businesses are worried about their businesses because of COVID. This endangers a community like Virginia that gains a lot of revenue through tourism. Many small businesses, especially restaurants, are suffering in the community and are shutting down.

Stimulus checks were given to people during the first lockdown to help those people that lost their jobs, but this money has to come from somewhere.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the stimulus checks come from borrowed money: money that does not come from the government. In fact, the government expects to borrow 4.5 trillion dollars, which will definitely raise taxes and add to the national debt. 

Another issue that Americans are fighting due to COVID, especially in young adults, is mental health. Mental Health America says that this year, youth depression went up a whole percent and an increase of 1.5 million people have mental health issues. If Americans were to isolate themselves again, it’s almost certain that depression and mental illness will increase.

There is a point to make that this time of year, many sicknesses like the flu and strep are prominent. If a person has COVID and one of these illnesses, they could end up in the hospital. Also, many ignorant citizens think that wearing a mask is against their rights, and refuse to wear one. If they would follow the CDC guidelines, the pandemic would get back under control, and a second lockdown wouldn’t be necessary. As long as Americans follow regulations, the cases will drop and there won’t be a need for another lockdown.

For the people’s sake, The United States can’t afford another lockdown.