Athletic trainers adjust assignments

Athletic trainers switch to individual team assignments in response to COVID-19


Herschel Mack

Trainers Kacey Counts, Jalen Powell, Emily Dixon, and Izzy Carter pose in the training room before a football game.

Josh Brown, Editor-in-Chief

Student trainers originally worked as a group for each team, but in response to the virus, each trainer will be assigned to a single team in order to prevent unnecessary contact and potential exposure.

“Each team will have one assigned trainer; we are also going to have a head trainer assigned, but we don’t know who it is yet,” said senior Jalen Powell.

Winter sports were postponed in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth on Monday, Dec. 7, just before trainers were assigned to their teams. The return of high school sports remains uncertain as athletes, coaches, players, and trainers anticipate decisions from the School Board and district committees. 

“I don’t know what team I would have gotten because sports were cancelled just before. I hope we get to go back soon, but I know that it won’t be the same, and I’ll have significantly less to do with the new system,” said Jalen.

Regardless of the uncertainty of high school sports’ return, the training staff will provide assistance for athletics as soon as teams are back to work. 

“Even though it will be tough and we will face situations that we haven’t before, I know we will be able to adapt to these times,” said Jalen.