Winter varsity sports take a hit


Sophia Richardson

Several girl indoor track and field team members meet to condition at Kellam High School on Dec.12.

Varsity sports team rosters will be minimized by VBCPS due to the rise in COVID-19 cases for the postponed winter season.

The proposed teams would consist of 15 for girls basketball, 15 for boys basketball, 20 for sideline cheer, five for boys dive, five for girls dive, 10 for gymnastics, 20 for boys swim, 20 for girls swim, 20 for boys indoor track, 20 for girls indoor track, and 30 for wrestling. 

“I don’t think it is necessary because we could easily social distance at practices. Also, we are sharing equipment either way, so a smaller amount of people wouldn’t affect that,” said senior Kara Lee.

The School Board will meet on Jan. 5 to decide if winter sports will be canceled for the remaining school year.