Regal Cinemas announces plan to reopen theaters


Rachael Strong

Strawbridge Regal Theater has been closed since Oct. 2020.

Rachael Strong, Staff Writer

Regal Cinemas announced that they will try to reopen theaters in Los Angeles and New York City by March after suspending operations in Oct. 2020. They made their announcement Jan. 5 on their official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. 

In March of last year, Regal theaters closed due to COVID-19. In August, some theaters reopened and showed older, popular movies for lower prices. Theaters followed guidelines provided by CinemaSafe, a program with regulations for safe return to cinemas. However, the company still did not get much business because many new films went straight to streaming services.

Regal has made no further announcements, so it is unclear when theaters will reopen nationwide. The ability for theaters to reopen depends not only on COVID-19 guidelines, but also on movie studios bringing major releases to theaters rather than streaming services.

“I don’t know when my theater will reopen. Last I heard, they’re aiming to open late March, but it’s been pushed back before, and I don’t know if it’ll get pushed back again,” said Colby Hinshaw, a Regal theater employee and Ocean Lakes alumna. 

While most theaters are temporarily closed, one Regal theater in town center closed permanently in October. 

“I miss the experience that movie theaters gave me because watching movies at home isn’t the same. I probably won’t go back until the pandemic is completely over,” said sophomore Rachel Dizon.