President Trump visits Houston after Hurricane Harvey

Harley Middleton, Commentary Editor

After the devastating hurricane that hit Houston,Texas, on August 31, President Trump and First Lady, Melania Trump, visit Houston on September 2 to meet with victims and help create relief packages.
According to USA Today, the president helped serve lunch and handed out hot dogs in white containers with the Red Cross logo.
President Trump engaged with small children, hugged, and shook hands with others.
“It’s been very nice. It’s been a wonderful thing. As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing,” said Trump, according to ABC News.
In addition to visiting Houston, President Trump also made a million dollar personal relief donation, and formally requested $7.85 billion from Congress for response efforts, according to ABC News.
Senior Hannah Donaldson was quite surprised at Trump’s response.
“It’s incredible that our president visited after the disaster in Texas,” said Hannah.
“I honestly didn’t even know that he did all of this. The news just says that he visited but didn’t tell about all the great things he did to help. You don’t ever get the full story nowadays,” said Hannah.

According to Time Magazine, Trump plans to visit Florida after Irma passes.