Dolphins’ Minds Matter Club celebrates National School Counseling Week


Dolphins' Minds Matter

School counselors come together at Ocean Lakes for National School Counseling Week on Feb. 1.

Dolphins’ Minds Matter, a new addition to Ocean Lakes’ variety of clubs, began their efforts in February by showing love for the school’s counselors in celebration of National School Counseling Week, held earlier this month.

“We celebrate this week because we understand and appreciate the work and efforts they make in order for students to feel comfortable at school,” said Chelsea Agyei, president of DMM.

DMM created a Jamboard dedicated to Ocean Lakes’ counselors enamored with kind messages and acknowledgment for the work counselors have done.

“We wrote positive messages on a Jamboard and encouraged our club members to send a personal Schoology message to a counselor this week,” said Chelsea.

The DMM Jamboard and more information about the club can be found on their Instagram, @dolphinsmindsmatter.

“We absolutely love the Jamboard created by the Dolphins’ Minds Matter Club this week! It really meant a lot to us to see the comments and messages from our students. It was creative and extremely thoughtful,” said counselor Sara White.

DMM was not the only club to recognize the school counselors. SCA and administration provided some yummy treats.

According to School Counseling Chair, Joanna Buonviri, SCA also showed some ‘sweet’ recognition with customized candy bars that shared clever puns, such as ‘thank you for your commit-MINT to your students.’

“[All these efforts made] us feel valued and appreciated,” said Buonviri.