Operation Smile spreads the love


Heine Pham

Senior Michelle Pham displays her chalk work for “Chalk the Walk” school-wide campaign on Feb.16.

Operation Smile and their ‘Spread the Love’ campaign is here, just in time to cheer up the winter blues. The campaign takes place from Feb. 14 to Feb. 20 and raises awareness about spreading acts of kindness in schools and local communities. 

“Virginia Beach has been doing this for a few years now, but this year, it will launch nationally! Every school in the U.S. will be partaking in spreading the love this year,” said co-president of Operation Smile Nina Dao.

Operation Smile and the National Honor Society joined together to host a Chalk the Walk school-wide campaign. Students can write positive messages on the sidewalk and/or why they like Ocean Lakes on a digital mural.

“I feel the ‘Spread the Love’ campaign is something our community needs during these difficult times. Showing love through volunteering and giving to others is a great way to bring the community together while helping others,” said senior Lily Heck.

To take it a step further, Operation Smile has hosted another campaign called “Sending Hope,” where members of the Ocean Lakes community can drop off hygiene items for Guatemalan families in need.

“People can get involved by donating toothbrushes, cloth diapers, bar soap, and medical-grade face masks to the donation box in front of OL. They can also help by reposting flyers and sending in pictures of their chalk art at @opsmile.olhs,” said Nina.