Mental health aggravated by virtual learning


Created by Lola Goodloe.

COVID-19 did not just infect this country’s physical health; it’s affected its mental health as well. It has transformed behavioral patterns and infiltrated homes and schools in such a way that many found themselves at a loss.

School systems tried to solve this loss with virtual learning. Through many online sources such as Schoology, Flipgrid, Zoom, Google, Loom, Screencastify, WeVideo, and many other online platforms, students met with teachers and classmates to receive and work on lessons. However, online school has not been adequate for everyone.

In fact, many students in grades nine through 12 claim online school has affected their personal mental health and lowered their grades significantly. 

¨I have a heavy load of classes this term, which means I have many hours of homework per night. It’s taxing on my mental health to be in one place all day for such a long time. It is also hard to be social through the screen. It feels as if I’m isolated,¨ said sophomore Sophia Allen.

Some students cannot balance their school work and their extracurriculars outside of school.

¨I’m not very motivated, and I’m constantly stressed out especially with having swim practice everyday, after hours of extra school work,¨ said freshman Anna Eberle.

Many students find it hard being in their house all day and miss the social connection with their peers that in-person learning typically provides.

¨It’s really hard to stay motivated being home all day; it gets really lonely and depressing,¨ said sophomore Mackenzie Murphy.