Kay List Stylez serves A-list styles

Aspiring entrepreneur makes the most of spare time


Kayla Moore

Kayla Moore strikes a smile while holding flyers for Kay List Stylez in the Lynnhaven area.

Junior Kayla Moore added a twist to her 2021 with the start of her own self-run hair styling business in the Hampton Roads area early this year.

“I’m self taught,” said Kayla. “I’ve practiced on myself mostly before 2020, and I would watch YouTube videos to start. More recently, I’ve ordered a mannequin head with human hair installed, so that I could practice while actually seeing what I’m doing.”

Her love for hair began when she used to watch her mom put knockers and braids in her hair before school.

“I kind of fell in love with [styling hair] from an early age,” said Kayla. “Fast forward to 2020, and everyone was stuck in the house, and I had all day to practice my technique. Then 2021 hit and I told myself that I would put my skill to use and achieve my dream of being a hairdresser.” 

Kayla promotes her business and gains most of her customers through Instagram.

“I chose her because I wanted to support her business and everything she posts is really good,” said customer Nyesha Pugh. “I wanted to see for myself, and I was very pleased.”

She gained her skills not only with hands-on practice, but also through expanding her knowledge of the subject.

“In this industry, it’s forever changing and it’s really about adding your own style to it,” said Kayla. “I am also in the Vo-Tech (vocational-technical) program, which has given me a better understanding of hair and its structure.” 

Kayla has already set goals to further expand on the services her business provides.

“I get my cosmetology license at the end of my senior year. Without that license, I can only do braiding and twisting styles, and I think I can do presses,” said Kayla. “Once I do get the certification that I need, I can do things like chemically change or color hair.”

Kayla ensures the comfort of her customers by setting a professional environment. 

“My experience was very good, I was comfortable and she made sure of that,” said Nyesha. “She is very mature and responsible, knows exactly what she’s doing, and is extremely professional.”

More information can be found on the business’s Instagram @kay_list_stylez.