SCA plans alternative homecoming


Reese Thornton

Seniors Reese Thornton and Alan Ledezma represent one of the four senior couples who will join this year’s homecoming court festivities on May 5.

This year’s homecoming court will be unconventional, some say. With no homecoming dance, this year’s court will parade on the soccer field this spring.

“Homecoming will look a little different this year. We are presenting the court at a home soccer game on May 7, in between the girls and boys soccer game,” said SCA sponsor Christine Thornton. 

Given the socially-distanced circumstances, the homecoming dance will be replaced with a drive-in movie for students. 

“We are planning a drive-in movie with a parking lot decorating contest using chalk,” said Thornton.

While many homecoming events had to change due to COVID-19 precautions, the SCA still plans to keep one of its ongoing traditions alive.

“We are also planning the homecoming hall decorating for each of the classes. This event will take place in the coming weeks after spring break,” said SCA member Gracie Tignor. 

Hall decorating traditionally takes place during homecoming week to promote school spirit for students. 

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do some of the normal homecoming events this year due to the circumstances, but there are still some fun events planned in the upcoming weeks,” said Gracie.