Spring into warm-weather fashion trends


Sophomore Kaya Dargusch showing Fashion trends such as baggy jeans and colorful jewelry.

Gabby Moye, Entertainment Editor

As warmer weather approaches, so do the spring fashion trends of 2021. Fashion has always been a huge topic of interest around the world, but recently it has become increasingly popular among teenagers due to its popularity on social media apps such as TikTok.

According to Forbes, trends to look out for include corset-inspired tops for a renaissance-style vibe, baggy denim instead of the typical skinny jeans, and mini skirts. 

“I love to incorporate bright and eye-catching colors to my outfits. I add colorful butterfly clips or cool shoes to give my outfit that spring vibe,” said junior Allison Houpt.

Other popular choices are things like crochet tops and tank tops over short sleeves. Graphic t-shirts are also in the loop of trends, especially those with “vintage” themes or bands.

“I’m hoping to see skirts and jeans or leather jackets make a comeback into style. In the warmer weather, I tend to wear crop tops and shorts. I love wearing bright colors or floral things in the summer,” said sophomore Kaya Dargusch. 

More upcoming fashion trends embrace the bomber jacket, something worn by people in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Pastel colors have also started to make an appearance in the fashion industry, which makes it a possible upcoming trend.

“I dress a lot like the characters from the “Outer Banks” show on Netflix. Twenty-two-inch inseams are something that tends to be popular, and I also like to wear short sleeve button-ups when it gets warmer,” said junior Sammy Varga. 

Spring is a time to embrace the brighter side of life, with nature all around and beautiful weather, which, like many other themes, can be showcased through the fashion trends of the time.

“Spring is a really fun time for fashion because it gives you the chance to experiment with different colors and patterns,” said Allison.