Ocean Lakes kicks off school year with annual back to school assembly

On the first Friday of the school year, all students and staff gathered in the Ocean Lakes gymnasium for an all-school assembly.

Freshmen were introduced to the alma mater and encouraged to sway with the other 2,150 students in the crowd.

Following Dr. LeBlanc’s speech, the dance team performed their newest routine in front of the entire school. After that the cheerleaders performed a cheer that brought people to their feet, and the step team renewed their legacy with only six people.

Senior Elijah Edwards spoke about his four years at Ocean Lakes and how to make the most of it by relating it to a “fairytale” and Cinderella.

A group of girls, boys, women teachers, and male teachers all battled to win the lip sync contest.

“I liked the lip sync stuff,” said freshman Abby Scharnitzky, “It was really fun and cool. My friends and I loved it.”

The boys team won the battle by singing “I Want it That Way,” by The Backstreet Boys.

Last was the spirit yell, which was won by the seniors.

“Personally I think the juniors put up a good fight, but the seniors have been waiting four years for this. It’s their time,” said junior Caroline Hampton.

(Left to right) Seniors Dante Arthur, Jacob Bushey, John O’Donnell, and Justin Costello lip-sync “I Want it That Way,” by The Backstreet Boys.