Join the Pod Squad


On April 22, IT support sent out a flyer to advertise next year’s Pod Squad course.

Alayna Caravas, Staff Writer

The Pod Squad is an independent, problem-based learning course available for all students. In this course, student help desk members engage in various activities such as basic troubleshooting, resource development, and responding to student and teacher technology needs. 

“I get to learn a lot about computer skills and the problem-solving process,” said junior volunteer member Alex Talreja.

Students require adequate academic and disciplinary standing to enroll. The class counts as a half-credit each semester, but students must have a free block.

“There are no technical skills required; we have had students with varying backgrounds, some are tech-savvy and some aren’t,” said Instructional Technology Support Advisor Jennifer Leary. 

The Pod Squad allows students to work on projects that are applicable to real life. 

“This course is very unique; it is not like any other courses you would take in high school. It’s a lot of independent problem-solving and real-world applications,” said Leary. 

There are two different blocks for this course: volunteer service block and an elective course. For more information about the class, visit

“We typically have about one person per block, but we are looking for students who are interested in taking this course and students who are interested in volunteering for the service block, which is a lower level of commitment,” said Leary.

In the past, students have enjoyed this course and learned to work with teachers and students in a different capacity. 

“I’m so glad that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and join the Pod Squad because I’ve found people to talk to and people to work with,” said senior member Caroline Camden.