Hobbies help heal

Students make the most of their free time


Reid Rasmussen

Featured here are a collection of creations crocheted by Reid Rasmussen: a Bernie Sanders doll, a gnome doll, and a patchwork sweater vest.

Creativity is the cure during the adversity of quarantine during the pandemic. With limitations on travel and social gatherings, as well as increased at-home-learning, individuals turned to explore their own personal interests.

“I have been doing virtual school and with being at home so much, I have had time to expand on my art skills in a different format,” said junior Morgan Steed. “I started digital drawing on my iPad, and it has allowed me to get familiar with creating art with something other than pencil and paper.”

Many students used their new hobbies to not only fill spare time, but to achieve unique goals.

“[Coding] helped [me] stay busy with my free time … I would usually have something to do anytime I got bored,” said junior Rayangelo Mayor. “I am currently making my first software website, and it should go public somewhere around the next 3 months.” 

Amongst the chaos of a pandemic, hobbies offer a creative outlet and the opportunity to perfect one’s craft.

“My grandma taught me how to crochet seven or eight years ago, but I started crocheting more intensely [and] more often during quarantine,” said sophomore Reid Rasmussen. “I just finished making a lobster, and I’m working on crocheting a sweater for my friend’s birthday.”

Hobbies also allow people to channel their energy in a beneficial way.

“[Crocheting] gave me something to put my energy into,” said Reid. “I really enjoy it; it’s a really good way to calm down or just relax and it’s really productive because you’re able to make something really cool if you have the right pattern.”

Some found hobbies that allow them to engage in activities outside of the house, while still following safety guidelines.

“After quarantine started, I immediately picked up skating. It was something that allowed social distancing and for me to be outside a lot,” said sophomore Kaya Dargusch. 

What were once substitutes for previous passions have now become new sources of enjoyment.

“Usually I occupy my time with sports, but since all the school sports were postponed, I started working at a surf and skate shop,” said Kaya. “I have loved being able to learn more about skating through my job.”