Beach Bags program builds school unity


Fara Wiles

Daniel Barger’s economic class packs beach bags during second block on June 8.

Turner Demers, News Editor

Over fifteen clubs, departments, faculty members, and teams sponsored the Beach Bag program this year, a program that provides meals to disadvantaged students across the city.
“We have done about eleven-thousand bags over the last eight years,” said student activities coordinator John Williams.
An economics and personal finance class decided to sponsor Ocean Lakes’ Beach Bag program last week.
“By sponsoring the Beach Bag program, the students learn how simple it is to support those in need by either sharing financially or by giving their time,” said economics teacher Daniel Barger.
The sponsors are asked to donate $170 to fill 50 bags a week.
“I priced out all the items that we give, which are two main meals, instant milk, cereal, snacks, fruit and juice,” said Williams.
Students and staff alike look forward to their participation in the program.
“I wanted to do my part for this school and community by donating money and time to this cause for the less fortunate,” said student sponsor David Roulley.
These beach bags go to students in the Ocean Lakes community.
“Most of the bags are given to Ocean Lakes Elementary School, so they have bags every week, and they don’t have to depend on the city,” said Williams.
For anyone who is interested in sponsoring the Beach Bag program, contact Williams @[email protected].