Sophomore wins city-wide mural design contest


William Boardman

Artist Nikki Boardman stands with a school city official to survey the progress on the mural, painted by both her and a muralist on the HRSD water tank.

Nikki Boardman, sophomore, has won a city-wide competition that allows her mural design to be painted on a water tank at the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.

Her winning design will be professionally painted, along with Nikki’s assistance. 

According to Nikki, the contest theme was ‘water is life,’ so she drew a mermaid for the center. The competition consisted of people from a wide range of ages, from kindergarten to 12th grade. 

“It was a city-wide contest, K-12 could enter,” said Nikki. “They narrowed it down to 10 entries, and I was up against some really good artists.”

She began to construct the mural with local muralists from the Talent Company on a 20′ x 100′ water tank on June 14. 

“They’re brothers, and they’re really good muralists. I’ve met them once in person,” said Nikki.

It took Nikki a week to design this mural on her iPad, using the Procreate app. 

“I just wanted to enter the contest for a certificate to put on my resume, but I’m really excited I actually get to paint a mural,” said Nikki.