Spring surges surface and summer begins


Madi Mellon

Local groms surf at Croatan Beach on May 24.

Teen surfers returned to the water this spring, as a low-pressure system moved in during spring break, and the waves will benefit locals all summer long.
According to junior Noah Pickrell, “The conditions over spring break were definitely better than the usual and have continued to have good conditions. In my opinion, cold water surfing is better than summer for conditioning as well as having more space to ride. For surfers going out right now, I would make sure to check the wind fluctuations and the current intensity before going out.”
Being submerged in cold water actually has many physical and mental benefits. Cold water stimulates the circulatory system, which can relieve tension, headaches, and muscle discomfort.
According to a study at Virginia Commonwealth University, cold water triggers the brain’s blue spot which further releases a chemical that helps alleviate depression.
“I enjoy surfing because when I surf, even though I’m bad at it, I forget all the things I have been stressing about and it’s pretty fun,” said junior Isabelle McGrath.
Throughout the pandemic, surfers have mostly been able to continue the sport compared to the temporary pause of many other sports.
“Besides the icy water, I really enjoy cold water surfing because there aren’t a lot of people out in the water compared to summertime. Surfing is a great way to get out and be active,” said junior Shawn Watkins.