2021 Dolphin Medallions


Christine Thornton

From right, two of ten medallion recipients, Reese Thornton and Alan Ledezma, wearing their medallions, stand with fellow graduates after their June 18 ceremony, held at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

Ten dolphin medallion awards were awarded for the class of 2021. Distributed prior to graduation this year, on June 16, the award is the highest award that can be bestowed upon a student.

This year’s recipients were: Josh Brown, Nina Dao, Carson DeMartini, Brice Howe, Alan Ledezma, Kara Lee, Alan Mach, Vance Newsome, Justin Orchard-Hays, and Reese Thornton.

Virginia Beach schools identify these students for their exceptional contributions to the school in the following areas: models of good citizenship, outstanding examples of leadership and academics, activities, or athletics, individuals who bring honor and distinction to the school.