Help Wanted


Chris Pugh

Senior Adriana Raimandi scans groceries at neighborhood food lion on Aug. 5.

Chris Pugh, Staff Writer

For many students, jobs are a necessity, but many of them don’t know where to start to get one.

“Applying to many places increases the likelihood of you getting an interview, and the more open you are about your work schedule, the more likely you are to be accepted,” said senior Brandon Demers.

According to Alison Doyle, author of “How to Get Your First Part-Time Job for Teens,” she recommends being prepared for an interview; some employers, especially in today’s market, may ask for an interview on the spot.

 Interviews are a vital step in obtaining a desired job, so most of the time it is beneficial to be ready for any questions the interviewer might ask.

“Be able to balance work, school, and any other extracurricular activities to ensure happiness in what you decide to do,” said Junior Tanner Millirons.