Teacher leaves lasting impact


Katie Anderson

English teacher, Tasha Hurst, spends her last day celebrating with students and staff in her classroom 135 on Oct. 14.

AP English former and VTFT teacher, Tasha Hurst, leaves Ocean Lakes after 14 years to pursue a new job as a teacher support liaison.

“Hurst will still spend time in the classroom, but now she will do it for the benefit of first-year teachers, helping them plan, observe and improve instructional and engagement practices with new teachers,” said Dr. Claire LeBlanc. 

“My new job will revolve around welcoming and coaching new teachers in the VBCPS division,” said Hurst. “I will work with them to be as effective as they can with student engagement, classroom management, and instructional practices. New teachers have so much passion, and they need support!”

Fellow English teacher Katie Anderson speaks to the kind of support Hurst provides.

“Ms. Hurst has had a lasting impact on my life and the Dolphin Family. Her future work will help bring the dolphin spirit to classrooms across the division, and I’m excited to hear about all she does,” said Anderson.

Hurst was involved in Leadership Workshop, VTFT, Class of 2013, AP English, and English 11. She was Teacher of the year in 2016 and a TOY citywide finalist. She has spent half of her life as a student and teacher at Ocean Lakes. 

“Leaving OL was one of the hardest decisions because I’ve spent time as both a teacher and a student here. But I’ve grown so much as a teacher and person, and the people and students here have given me the courage to expand the difference I can make in the lives of others,” said Hurst.