Dance Team leaps into action, wants to perform


Jomari DuPlessis

The dance team kicks off the school year by beginning after-school practices.

This year’s Dance Team is back and ready for the upcoming year, and they can practice and perform at games as long as they abide by COVID-19 guidelines. 

“We typically perform during half-time at home football games, some home basketball games, and all school assemblies (when these come back). We also try to perform at the talent show each year as well as participate/help in other school events that need club support,” said sponsor Jordan Turner.

There are no requirements for joining the team, but students are expected to commit and attend practices. Practices are held from 2-4 p.m. on Tuesdays and occasionally Thursday afternoons. 

“We do not have any set requirements – except love for dance! But, we are looking for people who are trained in dance, danced before, learned dance at a studio, or have taught themselves how to dance,” said Turner. 

 The main styles of dance they perform are jazz and hip-hop. Some techniques are turns, leaps, kicks and jumps. 

“I’m super excited to get to have fun with the team again and perform,” said junior Jomari DuPlessis.

Students who are interested can talk to Jordan Turner in room 221 for more information. 

“The team is a GREAT group of students. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. We truly are more than just a team, it is a really close group of friends that spends time together outside of school and not just practice,” said Turner.